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Christmas Card Exchange Was So Much Fun!

  Wolf below our wall of furpals' greetings! Wow! We have had so much fun with participating in the Blogville Christmas Card Exchange! This was our first time joining and I have to say, getting all those great holiday cards made the season even brighter and I loved getting to know each of you a little bit better through your lovely photos, cards, notes, and Email greetings!  Here is how our story goes... Gibson was excited to see all the cards arrive! Each card was so beautiful! Harley loved seeing her furpals! Chloe loved seeing all the cute designs!  Harley was excited to start displaying them! Bandit loved looking up at all the greetings! Wolf & Bandit: "Woo! These are all for us!" Chloe drifted off to sleep dreaming of her furpals! Our wall of beautiful cards from our wonderful Blogville furpals!   We love our cards! Thank you, everyone! A giant round of a-paws and a million thanks to our Blogville's Christmas Card Exchange coordinato