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Our First Blogiversary! Let's Talk About Canine Socialization...

T his blog is a momentous's the FiveSibes first blogiversary! One year ago today I began sharing my writings and photographs of our five Siberian Huskies with the posting of my very first blog article titled, February is Canine Dental Health Month , featuring our alpha queen, Harley, flashing the camera with her pearly canine whites! Little did I know then just how wonderful this blog ride would be or the many wonderful pet-loving folks I have met along the way. Thank you all for sharing in "a day in the life of FiveSibes" many times over since that very first blog entry. I enjoy and appreciate  your readership, comments, thoughts, support, and friendship; and am certainly looking forward to the next year of canine and pet chit-chat! F or this special date, I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about an essential element of training, and not for just Siberian Huskies, but all pets - socialization. Many have asked me over the years how did we get our Sibe