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A Little Christmas Card Trivia!

Oh, do we LOVE Christmas cards! Pictured above is our boy, Wolf, with just some of the (p)awesome cards from furpals across the globe as part of Blogville's Holiday Card Exchange! The FiveSibes kids get waaaaaaaaaaay more cards than us hu-family members! But it's so much fun to see them all come in! This photo flashes back to Christmas 2012 (I believe the finally total tally of FiveSibes cards was 88 that year! Us humans? About 18!) They have been coming in via sled mail and Email and we are so excited to start opening them this year! The card exchange is truly a highlight of the season!    How About A Little Christmas Card Trivia?! The origins of greeting cards began in the 14th century as wood-block printed New Year’s cards from Germany.   * The first Christmas greeting cards, called "Christmas Pieces," were of made by English schoolchildren in the 18th Century to bring home to their parents. * The modern Christmas card as we kno