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Happy Birthday, America! A Patriotic Pets Parade, Facts, Tips & a Summer GIVEAWAY!

Here in the United States, it is the Fourth of July ~ Independence Day ~ America's Birthday! And with its arrival, is summer in all of its glory! The season that marks a time to kick back and relax, go swimming, sunning, and spend lazy days lounging about, daydreaming, and chasing fireflies. Here's some interesting July 4th facts from the Of course, as with any holiday, with all the excitement, visitors coming and going, barbeques and picnics, hot weather, and fireworks, it's always important to remember some safety tips to ensure that everyone, including our pets, have a happy and safe Independence Day. Here's our FiveSibes tips once again, just as a reminder! The ASPCA also shares it care and concern for pets with the important following graphic as a friendly reminder to watch out for hidden dangers during this celebratory holiday season: Have you downloaded the ASPCA's mobile app yet? If not, you can download it HERE .