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Pawcircle of Prayers for Wolf, Please...

"Thank woo for the prayers & positive thoughts." Well, dear readers, thi s will be a bit wordy of a Wordless Wednesday. I t's been a long night. While echoes of "Happy Birthday" are still ringing in the air from our Pupsters Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit turning "8" yesterday , today my boy goes into the vet hospital for surgery. So, once again, I am on that wild emotional roller coaster ride. I want off this crazy ride. Before my mother's health decline and passing in November, and before Gibson so suddenly fell ill  with Hemangiosarcoma and had to be set free during surgery nine days before Christmas, Gib's younger brother, my baby, Wolf, had been checked for some lumps I had found on him, too. He has two on his body - one on his side and one on his belly, and two tiny ones inside his mouth in the fold of the gums. While the aspiration shows the external ones as fatty, our vet does not like the location of it as the fear that it may bec