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Birthday Wishes For My FurAngel Gibson

Happy 13th Birthday, to my  sweet big wooly boy, Gibson!  I bet the Rainbow Bridge is rocking for Gibson's "teen" birthday! I cannot believe he would be 13 today! I am sure he and his furpals are doing his Gibbie Hip-Hop dance and wooooin' up a storm! Oh, how I wish he was still here...having his favorite ice cream cake with his love Harley, brother Wolf, and sisters Chloe and Bandit, and sharing his joy and silliness with us all. He was an amazing boy, and his handsome face launched a revolution in support of dogs with Canine Epilepsy. We've achieved so much--his journey with Epilepsy helped so many, and still does as I continue bringing awareness and education to others in his memory. Gibson will live on in the work we FiveSibes family continue to do by joining #paws4purple to bring hope and help to other Epi-dogs so they may #LiveGibStrong. When I see a snowflake, I will know that is you, Gib! Oh, how you loved the snow more than any dog I