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#FiveSibes Photobombed on a Flashback Friday!

"Let life surprise you!" If you know about Siberian Huskies, they can be real characters! Silly is their middle name, and they love to interact with each other and their humans. T oday's Flashback Photo is from July 2017, when an unexpected visitor photobombed the FiveSibes, who were pretty unimpressed! Only Harley was happy to see the old toy, a favorite of her love, Gibson's. Perhaps she recognized it? Or, the girl just wanted to have some fun playing with it! Wolf thought it was all pretty silly, and Chloe, well, nothing gets her up out of bed except food! BOL! Do your pets like surprises? Come join in our weekly stroll down Memory Lane in our weekly FiveSibes Flashback Friday Blog Hop! Whether you share a photo of your pet (fave family, vacation, and landscape flashback pics welcome, too) from yesterday or yesteryear, let's have fun looking back over the amazing lives of our pets and past memories! What a wonderful way to kick off the weekend