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Newsy Tuesday's FiveSibes Book Nook Review: Indomitable Spirit by Jewel Mathieson

You know how much we love books here! Besides being an author, I'm an avid reader since, well birth! And when a good canine book comes along, I love to share it! Today, we are reviewing Jewel Mathieson's second book featuring her beautiful colored pencil medium style of artwork of beautiful snow dogs! Jewel is a very talented self-taught artist hailing from New Zealand, and I am honored and thrilled that she chose my Gibson to be one of the amazing dogs featured in her second book,  Indomitable Spirit. DISCLOSURE Please note that this is not a paid book review. While I did receive a copy of Jewel's book, Jewel had invited my Gibson to be part of her book, and I was given the option of purchasing the beautiful original artwork of my Gibson that was featured in the book, which I did purchase. I am not a paid affiliate of Blurb. All thoughts, reviews, and comments about the book and Jewel's artwork are solely my own. "Woo! There's my brother Gibson!&quo