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Cory's Story: A Book Review About Canine Epilepsy & Our #LiveGibStrong Epi-Tip #29

My boy Gibson reading about fellow Epi-dog, Cory. I learned about Cory's Story while writing my own book, EPIc Dog Tales: Heartfelt Stories About Dogs Living & Loving Life With Canine Epilepsy. I knew I wanted to read it. Right out of the gate, from the first word, I was hooked. The reader is willingly drawn into the DeMers family and Cory’s World. I laughed and cried and trembled with fear, and laughed again through all the experiences Sandra DeMers shares in such an easy, well-written manner, that I never left my spot in my chair until I turned over the very last page. As an Epi-dog parent, Sandra’s tale of Cory’s experiences I could feel first hand. Cory as a pup had me laughing (without giving it away, you’ll see when you read about Cory and the potato chip bag!) I mean, is there anything more lighthearted than puppy hijinks?! The presentation of the book is also very nice. It’s small in size and very easy to pop into a purse or backpack to take along to