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Knowing Critically Important First Aid & CPR For Your Pet

 Updated April 24, 2024 W hile April is the official National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, every day is a day to be aware of important pet life-saving tips and know what to do in those precious minutes before you can get your pet to the veterinarian.  April is also a good time to check out classes near you where you can become certified in First Aid & CPR for your dog (or cat). I did when I had my FiveSibes. My vet was always on speed-dial, and they accepted texts from (i.e. one morning at 2:30 AM when Gibson was rushed to the ER animal hospital), and I lived close to both my vet office (in my backyard as the crow flew) and near to the ER hospital - however, there are times when it is necessary to know what to do in case of accident, injury, or ingestion of a toxins. As Ben Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is a worth a pound of cure."   A MUST READ! I'm proud to say my article "The Importance of Pet First Aid & CPR" has been published in 4Knines