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Looking For a Natural Flea, Tick & Mosquito Repellent? FiveSibes Review Wondercide®

  Wolfie was happy he had no pesky fleas, ticks, or mosquitos bothering him! 'Tis the season for those pesky fleas and dreadful ticks. When it comes to flea and tick preventatives, there is a whole market full of products for your pets. I have been asked what did I use on my FiveSibes. While I have used traditional preventatives when my FiveSibes were young, having an Epi-dog (dog with Epilepsy) the chemicals in traditional preventatives was always a concern. Fortunately, my Gibson had no issues with our choice of standard flea and tick preventatives. But, as my Huskies grew older, it became more of a concern as Harley developed skin issues along her spine and I did not want to use any of the chemical formulas, and when we were switched to a "newer" product (that begins with a T), our sweet Chloe suffered temporary blindness and Wolfie became so ill he vomited. I reported this to our vet who immediately pulled it from their shelves and reported it (and since there has bee