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A Little R&R for Gibson

Wolf keeping big bro Gibson company while he heals. So a little update on my Epi-Husky, Gibson. We've had a little setback with is weak hind end issues as a result of his Epi-meds. He is currently lame in his right leg. After an exam by the vet, his leg is okay and it seems he has a bit of arthritis developing in his hip, which we knew about and he is on natural supplements for. It is our thought that after his Epi-med reduction of the Potassium Bromide (remember his bout of severe toxicity a while back due to the pharmaceutical company changing capsule formulation?) he has become - thankfully - much more alert and energetic, so much so that he is running and jumping, and engaging in "polar bearing" with the other Sibes. It's our belief that he overtaxed his hip. He is currently on rest, a round of NSAIDs, and - bless our vet team - he will be receiving in-home K-LaserUSA treatments several times this week so I can keep him resting and not try to