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Rub-a-dub-dub, two-Huskies-in-a-tub...part 3!

So, we are finally done with spring grooming...all FiveSibes have now been blown, de-shedded (partially), shampooed, brushed, trimmed, and made beautiful! Our groomer came to the house and made a "spa day" for Chloe and Harley (only someone forgot to tell them "spa day" is a good thing. They weren't too happy getting bathed and brushed). Of course, with the temps soaring well up into the humid 90's, all they wanted to do is climb into their dirty mud holes, go swimming, and then climb back into their dirty mud holes. However, I have foiled their plan as they've been inside in the A/C for about two days straight, and tomorrow will be the same. So, I am still happily basking in the glory of having five clean, sweet-smelling, fluffy least for a few days!    While the groomer was busy blowing out their coats, the air swirled with "snow," a/k/a flying, floating Sibe fur! We gathered up as much as we could and are saving it until the Sib