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Happy Easter!

What a glorious time of year - everything is fresh and growing; a time of rebirth and renewal. We here at the FiveSibes home wish you all a wonderful Easter Sunday. It's been pretty exciting here as the Easter Husky came! And much to the Sibe kids' joy, left them colorful ice cream cone squeaky toys. They even had a fun little egg hunt where bits of homemade Pumpkin Pie Bone and Bunny biscuits I made for them were in with the colored eggs.       Things sure are hoppin' for the FiveSibes... here they are as the Easter Huskies performing a little holiday they would like to share with all of you! Feel free to howl and dance along! Just as a reminder, some safety tips for us all to keep in mind while celebrating this holiday. After the baskets have been found and the egg hunt is over, while dinner is being prepared and guests are arriving, please keep an eye out for the following dangers: Keep pets behind gates, doors, or in kennels as guest arrive & depart so pets