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Newsy Tuesday: A Tribute to a Fellow Epi-Dog Who has Travelled to the Rainbow Bridge

There is no cure (yet) for Canine Epilepsy. There are medications and vitamins and diet plans available all to help manage seizures - sometimes successfully, and unfortunately, sometimes not so successful. Sadly, today's story is of the latter for a furpal we met via social networking about Canine Epilepsy - the very handsome Fred of Hound Girl , who just earned his wings and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Today's blog post is dedicated to Fred. Fred was an Epi-dog, diagnosed in June 2011. He is also one of the beautiful stars of my Canine Epilepsy Awareness video posted last November (see Fred at 3:53) . Yesterday, via his hu-mom's Facebook page, I sadly learned that Fred went to the hospital and was experiencing a large number of cluster seizures throughout the night before he was finally set free to cross the Rainbow Bridge. A decision I know must have been so heartbreaking to make...yet, watching helplessly as a beloved friend has one seizure after another as their own