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A Siberific National Coffee Day!

a So my kind of day ~ coffee with my Huskies! Anyone who knows me, knows I love (and need) my coffee and love my I will always take my coffee with some Siberian Huskies! Enjoy! "A cup of gourmet coffee  shared with a friend   is happiness tasted  and time well spent."   ~Anonymous Back to Our Blog Home Page! Visit our FiveSibes Website!

Our Harley is Back Home, Forever

"Where we love is home - home that our feet  may leave, but not our hearts."  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Our beloved Harley, alpha queen of our #FiveSibes is now back home for eternal rest, alongside Gibson and Chloe. Somehow, it seems fitting that she came home today...on my birthday. Harley loved car rides, so my daughter and I gave her one final long car ride home while reminiscing our lives with her. Heartfelt thanks to someone very special to us, her amazing vet Dr. Beth Alden at Kingston Animal Hospital for her care of Harley over the many years, for always being there, and for Harley's final peaceful at-home end of life care.    Much appreciation also to Dutchess County SPCA and Faithful Companion Memorial Services for her respectful after life care.  Love you forever, Har-Har girl.  It's been a wonderful, blessed, amazing, loving, and fun-filled 14-and-a-half years...but still, never enough time. You wer

A Spiritual Sign From the Rainbow Bridge

FiveSibes Harley doing what she  loved best, s now zoomies! Do you believe the special human-canine bond can be so deep, that the connection lasts even when our beloved pets have journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge? Do you believe they are capable of sending us signs? I absolutely do. Today, is the first day of Autumn, the start of my FiveSibes favorite time of year when the cooler temps arrive followed by zoomies in the crunchy leaves with snowy days not too far behind. Today also marks 10 days since our beautiful beloved momma girl, Harley, earned her furangel wings. In her memorial tribute post , I mentioned that our girl did indeed send us a sign on the day she crossed over. And in true Harley style, she really did. Or, at least I believe she did.  Sometimes the signs sent by our pets are obvious. Others more obscure. Sometimes we are so full of grief, our eyes are closed to those very brief moments where a message can be sent, but never to be seen. And sometimes we are

An End to a Reign: Goodbye Beautiful Harley, Alpha Queen of the FiveSibes

As a gentle late summer breeze blew, our beloved Harley passed peacefully outside at home today in the early afternoon, held by my daughter and I, and wrapped in so much love. Standing nearby their surrogate mother's side were Wolf and Bandit. While our hearts are truly broken again, after just losing our sweet Chloe in June, Harley is free now from pain and running with both Gibson and Chloe, North of the Rainbow Bridge.  “Dogs’ lives are short, too short, but you know that going in. You know the pain is coming, you’re going to lose a dog, and there’s going to be great anguish, so you live fully in the moment with her, never fail to share her joy or delight in her innocence, because you can’t support the illusion that a dog can be your lifelong companion. There’s such beauty in the hard honesty of that, in accepting and giving love while always aware that it comes with an unbearable price.” – Dean Koontz Future FiveSibes Alpha Queen My daughter and Harley.

Fit For Our #FiveSibes Alpha Queen: Celebrating Harley's 14½ Birthday

Born on March 10, 2005, our beautiful alpha queen, pupster surrogate momma, and my daughter's and our first Siberian Husky,  turns 14½ today! You may be wondering why are we celebrating her half birthday? Because, as heartbreaking as it is, we now know she will not be here in March to celebrate her 15th Birthday as I once had hoped. Heartfelt thanks to Ann at Zoolatry for this beautiful badge. Thank you all who are sharing it and joining paws for our girl. As amazing and strong as our queen has been, and how proud I have been of how she still could outrun Pupsters Wolf and Bandit, still splash in her pool like a puppy, tear up a dog bed like there's no tomorrow, and chase her tail until the sun sets, our beloved Husky leader has also been dealing with health issues that we have been treating, but are now slowing her down and, heartbreakingly we are preparing ourselves for her journey, that we as pet parents all dread, to the Rainbow Bridge.  “Dogs' lives a