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Monday, September 23, 2019

A Spiritual Sign From the Rainbow Bridge

FiveSibes Harley doing what she 
loved best, snow zoomies!
Do you believe the special human-canine bond can be so deep, that the connection lasts even when our beloved pets have journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge? Do you believe they are capable of sending us signs?

I absolutely do.

Today, is the first day of Autumn, the start of my FiveSibes favorite time of year when the cooler temps arrive followed by zoomies in the crunchy leaves with snowy days not too far behind. Today also marks 10 days since our beautiful beloved momma girl, Harley, earned her furangel wings. In her memorial tribute post, I mentioned that our girl did indeed send us a sign on the day she crossed over. And in true Harley style, she really did. Or, at least I believe she did. 

Sometimes the signs sent by our pets are obvious. Others more obscure. Sometimes we are so full of grief, our eyes are closed to those very brief moments where a message can be sent, but never to be seen. And sometimes we are so fortunate to catch their signs, momentarily chasing our grief to fill our hearts with our pet's love one final time from afar.

A few hours after our beloved alpha queen Harley made her journey, I was just hanging out on the back deck with Wolf and Bandit to help them through their grief. Wolf has anxiety, and was still grieving the loss of Chloe. Here we are two months later, and his "momma" is gone...so I put my aching grief aside as best as I could (my sobbing was not helping him) as I knew he would need extra extra love and reassurances to help him with his grief.  Bandit, she is a tough girl and seems to ride the wave of loss differently, quietly, and almost undetected. But my Wolfgang is a sensitive boy. He always has been. In both cases, Wolf never left his sister's or his pack momma's side. 

"You may have left my life, but you will never 
leave my heart." ~Anonymous

So, sitting out on the deck, Harley's favorite spot, I was just hanging with the Pupsters Wolf and Bandit, and I started thinking about signs. I wondered if we'd get one from Harley. I thought about how her and I communicated, especially after she went deaf a few years back. There is a deep, special, and trusting bond between a human and their beloved pet as they start having special needs. After my mother passed, I received a very clear and personal message. A month later, I lost my wooly boy Gibson, and he sent us a definitive sign on his birthday three weeks after he passed, and we've heard Chloe's unique pawprints in the kitchen (her favorite room)! So, as I watched the sky overhead,  I wondered if Harley would let us know she was happy being set free of her earthly pain...did she get to the Bridge? Did she reunite with Gibson and Chloe? I so wish she would send some immediate sign as I struggled so much with the decision to let her go...

Quite frankly, I was thinking that I wouldn't see anything at that particular moment, but I glanced up at the bright blue sky to see clouds passing over head. Suddenly, this one particular cloud passed above us and really stood out that I could not take my eyes away...and then I had to do a double, no triple take. Could it be...? I blinked my eyes to be sure I was seeing clearly, and not just conjuring up the image in my mind...tell me, dear readers, what do you see?? You see it, right??

From the Husky head, to the running legs, to the floofy tail...this cloud screams not just "Husky," but Harley. The shape, the running excitement, the smile, the floofy tail...all our Harley. Stunned, I realized the clouds were starting to shift in the late summer breeze, so I quickly pulled my cell phone out of my back pocket to capture the image. Just to be sure I was not making myself see things, I texted the photo to my aunt and uncle, who I asked... "What do you see?" and they immediately told me they saw what I believed I saw! My aunt said "Husky" and my uncle said "Harley." Check out our photo of Harley smiling and running in the snow up top of the post, and then look at the cloud image...

Do  you see it?!

Could it be our Harley?! Maybe, just maybe, it was indeed Harley, our precious first Husky, the alpha queen and "momma" dog...passing overhead for one last goodbye before running the skies to meet Gibson and Chloe at the Rainbow Bridge. I believe it was her sending a sign on the very day she made her journey to North of the Rainbow Bridge...a brief glance at her energy's light and her spirit soaring overhead, running across the skies over her home, over those who love her and will miss her forever...

And then there's the heart that some of my very sharp-eyed FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K9 News & Reviews Facebook page readers have seen, right in the middle of the Harley outline, brighter white than the rest of the cloud. I was so taken aback by her likeness, that I never even spotted the heart with in her cloud until it was pointed out to me. 

Now, what if I did not look up when I did? I would have missed it. Without getting too metaphysical, in my opinion and based on experiences from my dear mother and my beloved Gibson, signs are sent, but sometimes maybe only for a whisper of a second and we have to be aware or look for them, or we might totally miss them. I think that the thin veil of time and space between the two worlds allows for only a limited time for our loved ones to make contact, whenever it happens, and sometimes, just sometimes, we are lucky enough to catch their messages.

So tell me, do you believe? 

Many thanks to the ever-thoughtful Ann of Zoolatry 
for this Harley Forever graphic.

Dear Readers and FiveSibes Fans: We will still be on a blogging break and will pop in to share a story or two, but mainly will be with Wolf and Bandit to continue helping them as they help me grieve and transition to being a furfamily of just two...while in our hearts we will be #ForeverFiveSibes. We will be back in due time on a more continual basis and will once again feature our blog hops, but until then, we thank you you for all your continued 
love and support.



  1. Oh yea, we believe and we totally see the running Queen.

  2. Yes we believe because it's happened to us too on many occasions. And, yes, we see Harley very clearly. ♥♥♥♥♥

  3. Wow...that is truly amazing. And definitely a beautiful sign of love and devotion. ❤️

  4. I'm so, so sorry to hear of your loss of Harley. I would have commented sooner, but I've been a bit out of the loop with spotty internet access for a bit. How amazing that she seems to be sending you signs from the other side. I always look for signs like that when my pets pass too. Wishing you much peace and love as you deal with such a hard loss. My boys send along lots of fuzzy puppy wiggles and bad breathe kisses to help cheer you up!

  5. WOW WOW I totally see it and so happy that Harley sent you that message to tell you she is ok. I was so upset to hear about her passing but this sign brought a smile to my face. I do believe in signs and remember when Baby passed how I would feel her snuggling on the bed each night which relaxed me. Sending you loads of hugs and a lick from Layla

  6. We totally believe in this - and there's a term for it: psi trailing. We've had many encounters. And it's absolutely beautiful!

  7. What a beautiful sign! Not just the cloud, but that you happened to look at it at the precise moment. I do believe in signs for pets that are very close to us. I had a dream the morning after my first springer died. She was with my dad and he was petting her. My dad died before I got her and never met her. So signs do happen!

  8. I'm so sorry that Harley passed away, but I have to agree, it does look a she sent you a sign.

  9. Wow, like WOW. I am so glad she gave you a sign. I think if Dash sent one I was too traumatised and missed it. He did accept Harvey though.

    I know you will miss your wonderful girl. She is a rock star to leave such an amazing sign!

  10. Harley is there, for you, she came to you, you were meant to see her, this one last time, to know she was safely on her journey Home. The bonds of love really do not end ...

  11. Well, with Jasmine we used an animal communicator--she was great. After JD passed, a strange rainbow appeared without a reason in the sky that day.

  12. Dad has had our Angels come back to send messages by walking on the bed at night or knocking something over while the rest of us are clearly laying in bed. Yes Momma sent a sign