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Feeling Patriotic on a Flashback Friday!

This week I've been busy getting ready for family from Long Island who are coming up to visit for the Fourth of July holiday for the week. I'm so excited about having them here and having a house full of laughter, food, and kids playing and splashing in the pool! The FiveSibes love to hang out with with my nephews and the cousins, so it will be a whirlwind holiday here! Looking back over the pics and videos of my FiveSibes, I just had to share this favorite of mine. Our alpha girl, Harley, really got into the spirit a few years back and, to my surprise, let me put these flashing patriotic glasses on her, and she left them on! I think she actually enjoyed wearing them! I hope you enjoyed this visit down our Memory Lane, and that you all have a very safe and Happy Fourth of July! Do you have any plans for America's Birthday with your furkids? We'd love to hear about them! Join Us!!! Do you have a photo from  your pet's past that you'd like