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Time for a Change

As Jon Bon Jovi sings, the more things change, the more they stay the even after all the fun, fab years of having five Siberian Huskies and sharing their lives here in wonderful Blogville, I've decided to change a few things because even though things here have changed, I've always kept things the same. I like consistency! But, while I've kept the blog and FiveSibes website I worked so long and diligently on the same for years, it's time now for a change. A slight change, but a big one for me. Due to rising prices of maintaining websites and web designers, I've now made the decision to move my website info over to my blog here that now *features pages* (see up top and be sure to click on "More"), including an ArcticHouse Books & Gifts Shoppe page where you can purchase my books. So many things have changed here at FiveSibes, and well, I just rather save the crazy amount of dollars and spend it on my grandkids and Wolfie.  So please bear wit