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Of Possums and Poo (A Scared Hu-Mom, Too)

Wolf & Harley: "Woo! We Feel Better Now!" Yes, you read that title right! We can certainly learn a lot about what is going on with our dogs from their poo. Flashback to earlier this week: we had quite a scare. There's been a baby opossum hanging around our backyard, traveling the top of the fence line, and with their high prey drive, as you can imagine, driving our Huskies mad! As fate would have it, "Gizmo" (as my daughter nicknamed the opossum) was snagged off the six-foot tall fence by Bandit as she dove off the deck, full run, and in mid-air caught Gizmo. The unfortunate opossum did what they do best, "played opossum" to our FiveSibes poking and licking it. Bandit pawed at it and talked to it in an attempt to get the opossum to quit, well, playing opossum. During all this, one of them bit the opossum in the cheek, and there was now blood on it's face, plus, (and not to gross anyone out), when the critters go into their protection mode,