Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Celebrating 11 Years of FiveSibes Blogging!

Wow! And in the language of Siberian Huskies, "Wooooo!" Today, we mark 11 years of blogging here at FiveSibes! It all began with my beautiful pack of five Siberian Huskies, hence the name FiveSibes - our first and the alpha queen herself, Harley; my sweet wooly Epi-boy Gibson, and our five littermates, the "Pupsters Wolfgang, Chloe, and Bandit! As a career writer, I took the plunge in February of 2010 and posted my very first blog article on Pet Dental Health Month featuring our alph queen, Harley, and her pearly whites!

Very First FiveSibes Blog Post!


When I first embarked upon writing this blog and writing about daily life shared with my beloved FiveSibes, as well as all things canine, never did I imagine I would be doing for more than a decade! I also never thought I'd be writing this - our 11th Blogiversary - with only one of my original (OG) pack remaining, my boy Wolfie. While this has been an amazing journey, it is hard to believe that the heydays of FiveSibes being part of my family is over, and we are now a pack of one Sibe. But I choose to look at this wonderful anniversary, although very bittersweet, as a celebration of wonderment, love, learning, and caring. I have learned much from raising these gorgeous dogs from puppyhood, and even more when we took on three littermates.

While my blogging has taken a break with each passing of a Sibe, Wolfie and I will still be blogging on! This blog, I always refer to as "our" meaning my Huskies and mine because without them, there would be no FiveSibes blog. Over the years it has grown to include my not only aspects of our journey over the years together and the fun and zany things Huskies can do, it has also become a reliable source of info for the Siberian Husky breed, rescues, and information about Canine Epilepsy after my Gibson was struck with seizures at age three. I hope over the years, we have shared our love and information, as well as some tears with each of you. We have come to know so many fellow Blogvillers, and have shared in the happiness of occasions as well as tears for losses of furfriends across the miles over the years. I cherish each and every friendship I have made here, and hope these relationships last long past our blogging term because that would make our beloved dogs (and cats) whom we all blog about very happy.

The producer of my podcast, "The Sibe Vibe" on Dog Works Radio once asked me on air about the name FiveSibes. He asked me what happens when one day I do not have five anymore, or if I chose to add more. At the time, I had all young Huskies running about, it was hard for me to even imagine not having any of them any more and much easier thinking about adding more, although five was definitely enough! So it was a very good question - especially since I have FiveSibes tattooed forever on my arm (a gift from my daughter). I had to think about it for a moment, and then I said no matter if I have five, four, three, two, one, none, or a dozen, we will always be the FiveSibes because they were the originals, who kicked off this journey with me. Fast forward some 15 years later, and I can say my answer still holds true. We will always be the FiveSibes, I will always be the FiveSibesMom, hence our hashtag #ForeverFiveSibes. To me, whether I get more or not, the OG FiveSibes pack will always be THE FiveSibes in my heart, in my life, online, and on paper. 

I would like to say a special "Thank You" to each and everyone of you--my readers and fellow bloggers who have become friends over the years, for without your support of my blog by reading and sharing, there really wouldn't be a blog! So a heartfelt thanks from me to each of you for making reaching this amazing milestone a reality!

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