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Celebrating 11 Years of FiveSibes Blogging!

Wow! And in the language of Siberian Huskies, "Wooooo!" Today, we mark 11 years of blogging here at FiveSibes! It all began with my beautiful pack of five Siberian Huskies, hence the name FiveSibes - our first and the alpha queen herself, Harley; my sweet wooly Epi-boy Gibson, and our five littermates, the "Pupsters Wolfgang, Chloe, and Bandit! As a career writer, I took the plunge in February of 2010 and posted my very first blog article on Pet Dental Health Month featuring our alph queen, Harley, and her pearly whites! Very First FiveSibes Blog Post!   When I first embarked upon writing this blog and writing about daily life shared with my beloved FiveSibes, as well as all things canine, never did I imagine I would be doing for more than a decade! I also never thought I'd be writing this - our 11th Blogiversary - with only one of my original (OG) pack remaining, my boy Wolfie. While this has been an amazing journey, it is hard to believe that the heydays of FiveSib