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Hurt to Healing: The Inspirational Story of Bellin, A Rescued Siberian Husky Who Became A K9 Therapist

    "Bellin" Rescued May 25, 2011 ~ Journey to Rainbow Bridge March 31, 2021   “A butterfly always reminds that there is always beauty  at the end of all the pain.”   ~ Unknown   While National Therapy Animal Day is held on the last day of the month of April, every day is a day to honor Therapy Animals for all that they do to help others.  Over the years, I, along with my beloved FiveSibes, have met and become friends with so many wonderful Siberian Husky, northern breed dog, Therapy dog, and Epi-dog families. Some we met in person, some virtually. Regardless of how we met, the relationships we build are so important and ones I have always cherished. Now that the "we" here has now become "me " representing the "we," who are my #ForeverFiveSibes, I am carrying on our original mission of highlighting the amazing Siberian Husky in all of its glory, both as a working dog and as a family dog, whether rescued or raised, and ones with special chall