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Let Them Eat (Birthday) Cake!

Woo! Harley, Wolf, Bandit, and Chloe (and furangel Gibson in spirit) here, and we are taking over Hu-Mom's blog today because it's her birthday!!! Woo! The day was pretty cool, well, not as cool as snow, but pretty close! It was Hu-Mom's first birthday as a grandmother, and in our family, the maternal Moms graduate to "Nanny" once the babies are born! So, it was pretty fun with our little hu-brother, Cody, here now!  Cody gave Hu-Mom a cute little stuffed Husky (Hu-Mom really liked that, but so do we, and so does our hu-brother, Cody! Guess there will be some sharing of that Husky stuffie!)  Oh, and there was ice cream cake! Woo! And we all got to share in having some of the vanilla part! Nom-nom-nommmmm! Hu-Mom was pretty excited, too, because it was here very first "Nanny" birthday cake! We are so thankful for so many things: our new little hu-brother, our hu-mom, our pack family, and, oh, woo, the ice cream cake, for sure! Here's some