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#EarthDay Tips to Reduce Your Dog's Carbon Pawprint on a #FiveSibes #FlashbackFriday!

Flashback Photo ~ Alpha (Green) Queen “Harley” Click on image to make larger       Woo! Yesterday was Earth Day and we are resharing our FiveSibes tips featuring our beautiful alpha queen "Harley" on how to reduce your dog's carbon pawprint to help keep our Earth clean. There is nothing so wonderful as seeing our dogs run happy and free through a green grassy field. This photo of Harley captures her amazing Siberian Husky spirit and pure love of the run on this wonderful planet called Earth. For all of us to be able to enjoy our life on this planet, the only one we have, we must all join together to protect it so it will be here for all of our descendants to enjoy for centuries to come. For more info on Earth Day,visit We Want to Know! Tell us what are you doing to help #RestoreOurEarth?   (You'll have to screenshot it!)     Back to FiveSibes Blog Home Page Visit our FiveSibes Website!    Visit our FiveSibes Facebook Page!