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Happy Easter!

We want to wish all our furpals and families a very Happy Easter! In getting ready for the Easter Husky to show up, the silly FiveSibes had a little JibJab fun: We also had a good time putting out the special personalized handmade Easter egg bunnies created for each of our FiveSibes last year by our good friends  Holly & the Huskies . It's a favorite decoration! Please keep in mind that while we love our Easter treats, especially that chocolate bunny, many of these foods are not safe for our dogs to eat. Please be sure to keep well out of your dog's reach all chocolates, alcohol, sugar-free candy and gum (Xylitol is toxic to dogs), raisins, and nuts. Other dangers include ingestion of:  foil wrappers, fake Easter grass, watch batteries for toys, plastic from eggs & toys, Easter lily plants, and onions. Please keep your canine companions safely away from burning candles, hot stoves, and the open flame of BBQ grilles. If you are having company visiti