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Thank You, Veterans

Today is Veterans Day in the United States and a day to honor and thank our veterans - human and K9 soldiers.  A special event is the advance screenings today of the new HBO film War Dog: A Soldier's Best Friend that according to the film's promo is  "...a deeply personal documentary that highlights the intimate relationship between soldiers and their K9s who serve together as human/animal teams in combat." Here is a sneak peak: War Dog: A Soldier's Best Friend TRAILER Trailer The film will premiere on Monday, November 13, so check your local listings. I know I am eager to watch this special documentary! But, I have a feeling we will all need a box of tissues near by. For more information and news about our U.S. War Dogs and their handlers, visit The United States War Dog Association . Today is also Day #11 - "Throwback Photo" -  of the #30DaysForEpiNovember #Canine Epilepsy Photo Challenge hosted by Kim and her partner, Epi-d