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Blogville's Safety Information Week Kicks Off Today!

--> Woo! We have an exciting week coming up! This is “Safety Information Week” in our wonderful online community of Blogville and this week will feature many posts on everything from travel and traffic safety to plant dangers, water safety, and so many more, as well as one on Pet Fire Safety by us here at the FiveSibes on Thursday, August 14 , so be sure to come back. In the meantime, be sure to check out all the exciting festivities, including today’s Opening Ceremony, Speech, and Parade featuring all the amazing dignitaries of Blogville! And then on closing day, August 16, there will be lots of fun, including concerts, a kissing booth, and a Bouncy House! So be sure to mark your calendars to come back and visit Blogville this week and check out all the great blogs listed below all this week for some very interesting and informative posts. You’ll want to be sure to bring a notebook! Gibson is pretty excited! (Just click on the highlighted nam