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It's Toothy Tuesday!

  Have you brushed your furkids' teeth today? It's Dental Day here at the FiveSibes' homestead! We try to make it a relaxed, fun time for them while we brush their chompers. Fortunately, canine toothpaste (never human) comes in an assortment of delectable canine flavors including mint, peanut butter, chicken, and vanilla - all pleasing to the sometimes finicky Sibe palate. The FiveSibes love the mint-flavored toothpaste (they even love to sniff us hu-family members after we brush our teeth!) Our Huskies don't mind having their teeth brushed by a toothbrush or a finger brush as long as we don't daudle, and they don't require a lot of frequent brushing, but there are other options to home clean your canine's teeth including dental wipes and sponges. What is your favorite way of cleaning your pet's teeth?