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Six Months...

     Flashback ~ Wolfie ~ May 2021 Six months ago tomorrow, the fourth, I lost my beautiful baby boy at almost 14 years of age. Yes, he was a senior, but he was also my baby, and the baby of my FiveSibes pack. Even though he and his siblings, Bandit and Chloe, were littermates and same age, and he had the strong nickname Wolf, he was just a big, fluffy, baby! I miss his "talking" and him lying next to me the most. I loved reaching over and feeling his fluffy white fur during the night, or early in the morning. I can still feel how warm and content I felt knowing he was right next to me. I honestly can say I no longer sleep as soundly as I did when he was with me. Whenever I was sick, Wolf was there by me. This is the first time I have something major coming up that he won't be here for to give me calm--I am having a total hip replacement surgery. Once I would look forward to his being by my side, and just a mere reach down to feel his fur made me feel better. So this is m