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Props to Harley and All Senior Dogs

With loss, comes not only grief, but reflection. And after losing our pack sweeheart, Chloe, back in June, it has certainly made this summer one of reflection. While as loving pet parents, we all know it is hard to wade through the sad sea, but it is also very comforting to remember the joy and happiness our dogs brought, and bring, to our lives; the very basis of our #FlashbackFriday blog hops.  The Queen reigns over the pool! This past week has seen some scary signs for our eldest Husky and our beautiful alpha queen, Harley, who is now 14.5 years old. Logically, I know it is wonderful she is 14.5 and am very aware of her shortening path in life, but seeing her face and communicating with her on a whole other level since she went deaf, is something quite miraculous. How she adapted is always a wonder to me. This past week saw her take a pretty big decline, but thankfully, she is still here with us! Her arthritis pain seem to really peak, and she was having a difficult time. I i