Friday, August 2, 2019

Props to Harley and All Senior Dogs

With loss, comes not only grief, but reflection. And after losing our pack sweeheart, Chloe, back in June, it has certainly made this summer one of reflection. While as loving pet parents, we all know it is hard to wade through the sad sea, but it is also very comforting to remember the joy and happiness our dogs brought, and bring, to our lives; the very basis of our #FlashbackFriday blog hops. 

The Queen reigns over the pool!
This past week has seen some scary signs for our eldest Husky and our beautiful alpha queen, Harley, who is now 14.5 years old. Logically, I know it is wonderful she is 14.5 and am very aware of her shortening path in life, but seeing her face and communicating with her on a whole other level since she went deaf, is something quite miraculous. How she adapted is always a wonder to me. This past week saw her take a pretty big decline, but thankfully, she is still here with us! Her arthritis pain seem to really peak, and she was having a difficult time. I increased her hemp oil*, and I actually began to place "that call" to my vet, but within one day, she turned around and was back to herself. "That call" became a conversation and consultation, and an agreement that we are just going by how Harley feels. We all know "that day" will eventually come, but thankfully, that day is not today. 

A happy respite.

So my Flashback Friday is a bit more current, showing age is truly just a number and remembering that I cannot change some things, but I can give unconditional love, comfort, and care.

Here is our Harley enjoying some "pizza bone" time...

Pizza! Pizza! 
...and below, and I do so love this clip, of Harley having a happy romp in the pool, one of her favorite summer activities since she was a pup! While only once in a while, and sometimes moving much slower afterward, I love how this almost 15-year-old gal can still kick up some fun like a puppy! May she have many, many more memories to make with us, for however long we are blessed to have her. And if my senior gal she wants to race this senior Hu-mom to the pool, it's on! But their may be a lot of resting after!


Nothing but joy and good Sibe vibes!

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." ~Roger Caras 

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  1. I love the way Harley is romping in the pool, I often say that as we grow older we grow younger in some ways and Harley is showing us that. Age creeps up without us realizing it and it is with sadness but as you said whatever we do to give them all the love, attention, treats plus it is something we cannot avoid or stop. So like you, I am savoring every moment with Layla who is 12 and taking each day as it comes. Thanks for the blog hop and have a great weekend

  2. It is never easy but the love does make a difference.

  3. All our best to Harley and to you. Tough watching them get old:(

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. Love seeing your girl enjoying her pool. As the huMom of a nearly 14 year old myself, I know first hand that each day spent with a senior dog is truly a gift. Enjoy your gift❣️

  5. That pool clip is such a great memory. Look how happy Harley is! Time is a very difficult master - it drives us all forward whether we like it or not.

  6. It is so so hard watching them age. She definitely still has some puppy spunk in that pool though!

  7. I'm glad that Harley is still with you! Every day is a treasure, and an old dog helps remind us of that.

  8. I know about that 'call' and the sudden turnaround.It is hard to watch them as they get older but these days are those I treasure, the quiet times, the stillness and the snoozes in the sun.

    harley is n awesome dog and I hope you get a long time yet.

  9. If you can afford it, did you look into platelet-rich plasma therapy for the arthritis?

  10. Thinking about you as you deal with Harley's senior years and all that goes with it.