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Safety Tips to Keep the Fun in Memorial Day Weekend Festivities ~AND~ A Special Art Fundraiser You Won't Want to Miss!

Our Flashback Friday is a special one in honor of Memorial Day (Monday, May 25). This patriotic photo featuring our boy Wolf was taken a few years back. On Monday we will feature a special Memorial Day post in honor of our veterans, but today since it's the start to the weekend, we wanted to talk about some safety tips as Memorial Day weekend is also the unofficial start to summer in many areas. It's a time for family and friends get-togethers, barbeques, swimming, and outdoor fun, so we like to take this time to share a few FiveSibes Safety Tips as a reminder so everyone, including our pets, can enjoy the long weekend: Keep pets in a separate room or kennel while guests are arriving and leaving to avoid any escapes and to help quell any anxieties. Keep collar and tags on in case they get spooked or sneak off. Keep a leash nearby for emergency roundups. Keep lit candles and lighters out of their reach. Keep them away from hot/flaming BBQ grilles. Do not use