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Earth Day 2024: Reduce Your Dog's Carbon PawPrint & Remove Plastics!

  Happy Earth Day Week! This year, the topic is "Planet vs. Plastics" and today, we're talking about plastics and our pets. Did you know that forms of plastics can be found not just in the obvious things, such as water bottles folks drink out of and at times use to fill pets' dishes, but can also be found in pets' bedding, pet clothes, toys, shampoos, grooming products, and even in their food and food/treat packaging? Scary, right? According to, "We consider our pets as part of our family, but what we don’t realize is that we are exposing them to harmful substances every single day. There is a plastic component to nearly everything we buy for them, and most pet owners are completely unaware. Their plush toys, water bowls, and even the food they eat comes with the added ingredient of microplastics, known as primary microplastics , or little fragments of plastic material that shear off from larger products, known as secondary microplastics ."