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Update on Wolf * Post-Surgery

Good morning! Wolf's surgery went well! The two masses removed and all looks good. They appear to be fatty, non-invasive tumors. They are being sent out to be certain. The tiny ones in his mouth turned out to be bone, and are all A-OK! He is home resting (under the watchful eye of his sis, Chloe) and a little out of it from the anesthesia and meds. But, he is home! Wolf had a good night. He slept well. (Waaaay better than Mom!)  He is such a good boy; a bit woozy, but comfy, not fussing with surgical areas, and happy to be home. I thank God and my angel Mom for keeping him safe, and I know furangel Gibson's strong fighting spirit is right alongside his little bro.  Harley, the Pupster's surrogate momma, and our alpha queen, checked on Wolf and sniffed him all over before relaxing. An alpha queen Momma's job is never done! Wolf goes back to the vet in a week for a follow-up visit, but we are all feeling very positive. Now...onward to healing!  We