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Faith is Renewed With Hope From Stem Cell Therapy: A Husky's Personal Journey

Faith DaBaldo Faith. In addition to the religious definition, "faith" also means : “Confidence or trust in a person or thing” and a “belief that is not based on proof.”   Faith, the name, also means confidence, trust, belief. Confidence. Trust. Belief.  Three simple words that can shape the decisions we make and the lives we lead. Faith is something our pets place in us, which is an honor and a privilege. We sometimes embark upon a journey with an unclear path, armed only with the faith that we are on the best path for our situation. Today, I’d like to share with you an inspiring story about embarking upon such a journey, where confidence, trust, and belief play key roles, coincidentally with a beautiful Siberian Husky girl named “Faith” and her hu-mom, Jeanette.  "Starbucks, Mom?"   Her name and the definition have joined together as partners on a journey of health and possibilities. Faith, whose beautiful face reflects that of youngster