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Today is Blog the Change for Animals. Our Topic: Canine Epilepsy Awareness

Be the Change for Animals' Blog the Change for Animals happens quarterly, and today is one of these important dates! Many of you know my six-year-old wooly Siberian Husky, Gibson, is an Epi-dog. He was diagnosed, and has been treated, for Canine Epilepsy since he turned three. This was my first introduction to a seizure disorder, and as any Epi-dog parent can attest, it is indeed a very scary thing to witness. I've shared my experiences and journal entries from those first few heart-stopping episodes before I learned all I could about what it was that was affecting my beautiful boy. I have a wonderful team of veterinarians who truly care about my boy and finding the best treatment for him with the least effects. For Gibson, so far, his treatments are what I call "successful." Each day that turns over into a week then into a month, then into six months, then a year that he can remain seizure-free is a true blessing. And I take it day by day. There is no guarantee th