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Made in the Shade at "Husky Beach"

When we (Hu-family members) hear the word "beach," what pops into mind are visions of warm white sands glistening in the sunlight reaching into deep sparkling, turquoise blue waters all surrounded by palm trees dancing in the gently blowing breeze. And maybe there is even a tropical fruity drink waiting for us.  :-)  For our Sibes, "beach" conjures up a much different scene. Sure, there may be some tree leaves blowing in a breeze, and sure, there may be a body of water to cool off in (i.e. kiddie pool or pond or sprinkler), but no there is no warm sand for the Sibes. Our Sibes' version of "Husky Beach" - as pictured here - consists of Sibe-made deeply dug holes that contain cool damp dirt that can fit a body in - well, five bodies at our homestead! While I'm sure their idea of a nice tropical drink is nothing more than fresh cold water (with some crushed ice, please), they are quite content to spend their time shade-bathing under the giant Maple th