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Locked Out! (A BOL Moment!)

Not only are Siberian Huskies extremely smart, they are quite the characters, too! My daughter went out on the back deck to get Bandit in, only to be locked out of the the other three Huskies! Wolf, Chloe, and Harley were inside and apparently one or all tripped the lock when they jumped on the back door to see what was taking Bandit so long! I was in the other room when my daughter tried to open door, and I heard her exclaim, "Seriously? You guys locked me out?! How does this happen?!" when she discovered it had been locked, by the Huskies! Upon entering the kitchen, I saw Wolf and Chloe innocently sitting just staring up at her through the screen door, as if to say, "We didn't do it!"  My daughter may not have seen the humor in it since she had to wait for me to let her in, but I sure did! (I'm still laughing)! So the next time you step outside, be sure to bring a phone because you never know when your dog