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Howling at the Hunter's Moon

Tonight, the Hunter's Moon, a beautiful full moon, is lighting up our yard with such a bright moon glow's light you would think it was a floodlight beaming down from the Heavens! As you can see in the photos in the above collage, the moon glowed brightly behind Harley, Gibson, and Chloe, who are relaxing in the night air out on our deck, while Bandit and Wolf grew sleepy while gazing at it. We also had a lunar eclipse as well! And to close out the evening, our Sibe kids did indeed howl at the moon in their rendition of a beautiful Husky wolf song. Autumn Sky Downward waft the autumn leaves; The hunters' moon's on high Cetus swims the starry deep Cepheus rules the sky. Rulest I said, well maybe so, But what of Aries, Perseus, Fomalhaut? Andromeda and others too, Lend their light to grace the blue. I love them all, I wish they'd stay But like the leaves they'll drift away. ~G. O. Pitcovich