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An Ode to Epi-Dogs Living With Canine Epilepsy on a FiveSibes Flashback Friday

Flashback Photo - December 2012- Gibson with his painted likeness, the artist, and his lead vet! I love Flashback Fridays! While some memories are bittersweet, I prefer to let my mind drift back to those precious moments and relive the joys. Today, as we wrap up November's Epilepsy Awareness Month, I just want to take a moment to say that every day is a day for awareness and to champion these amazing, loving dogs who, even with the challenges of living with Canine Epilepsy, can live full happy lives just the same as dogs who do not have Epilepsy. If your dog has a seizure, always contact your vet immediately, and then research! You are NOT alone! Come on over to my new FiveSibes website and there is a section dedicated to Canine Epilepsy Awareness, where I share all of my books, articles, links to resources, and an encyclopedia information I have learned over the years of loving and caring for my own Epi-dog, Gibson. And as we close out National Epilepsy Awarene