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Fun Fall Things to Do With Your Dog

  Flashback ~ Wolfie ~ 2021 Enjoying a backyard campfire was a new experience for both my boy, Wolfie, and me. As we grew older and moved slower together, the quieter and more leisurely moments were welcome and well-matched to us. Enjoying a campfire together is just one of the many things you can enjoy this Autumn with your furry best friend! Be sure to read my article below for more fun ideas!     I love Autumn. I really do. From the palette of colors Mother Nature proudly displays, to the crispness in the cooler air and crunching through leaves. I loved it all. And when my FiveSibes were here, they so enjoyed zoomies through the piles of leaves! I cannot count how many times we'd re-rake them, just to let them have a blast chasing each other through them, or hiding in them. When we moved, we could have a firepit, and both remaining seniors Wolfie and Bandit enjoyed our time spent relaxing by one. It was a new experience we went through together, and I'm certainly glad they