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Puppy Bowl Sunday!!!!

It's the big game day - the Puppy Bowl! T he FiveSibes had a fun afternoon watching the cute puppies , eating duck treats, and wooing for the p uppies!    The Sibe kids stood attention to the  National Anthem...    Harle y waited her turn for a yummy snack. Pupsters Bandit and Wolf waited for their duck treat during half-time... Gibson checked out the puppies online...   Chloe said it w as time to vote for the  Most Valuable Puppy (MVP)...   Of course , we had to vote for "Aurora" the Siberian Husky /mix as the viewer s' choice MVP ! You can vote, too, for your favorite MVP on the Animal Planet website .   T hen, the after party kicked in with some good old fashioned toy rippin' , stuffie squeakin', couch hoppin', fun!  "We hope you enjoyed today's Puppy Bowl   as much as we did!"