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A Birthday Fit For A Queen! Harley's Birthday Book Giveaway! A Tasty Cake Recipe!

Today is a very special day as it is our alpha queen Harley's 10th Birthday! It's so hard to believe that a decade ago the beautiful pup named Nanuk "Harley" Mari with the intense mask and bright blue eyes came into our lives and introduced us to this wonderful, crazy, loving, howling, fun-filled amazing world of Siberian Huskies! Harley is my daughter's first dog, and not only is she our family's first Siberian Husky, but she is who kicked off the Siberian Husky Potato Chip Syndrome in our home as Gibson followed a year later, and then the three Pupsters Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit two years after Gibson and the FiveSibes were born!  Harley at 7 weeks and today! Harley is such an amazing dog. Not only is she super smart, super fast, and full of Huskitude, she is also very sweet and can turn on the charm in an instant if it suits her. She rules the roost and commands respect from the other four, with Gibson madly in love with her since the day he came ho