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Meet EpiStar "Elsa" for #NEAM: November's Epilepsy Awareness Month

  Epi-Star, "Elsa"   by Dorothy Wills-Raftery    N ovember is a spe cial month here, and if you've been following us, you know that it is National Epilepsy Awareness Month (NEAM) , and I enjoy highlighting some amazing stories about Epi-dogs (dogs who have epilepsy). Inspired by not only my own Epi-dog Gibson’s story, but all the stories in my book EPIc Dog Tales: Heartfelt Stories About Amazing Dogs Living & Life With Canine Epilepsy , I am in my second year of this special "EpiStar" feature series about these amazing dogs who have Canine Epilepsy, but never let that stop them from loving life. In sharing these stories and connecting with other Epi-dog caregivers, we have created special bonds--a camaraderie and caring support network with each other and our veterinarian teams. I'm so pleased to introduce you to today's Monika McDonald's Epi-Star "Elsa," a beautiful black Standard Poodle. Monika, who authors the Tails