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Harley: A Magazine Cover Girl!

Current magazine cover girl, our Harley! We are so thrilled that our alpha queen Harley was selected as the cover girl for the current issue (Volume 1; Issue 3) of  American Pet Magazine! Woooo! Of course, your Royal Highness, the Queen, is enjoying every moment of her fame! We are having a copy framed, just in her honor! If you haven't checked out this fairly new online magazine (they debuted last summer and currently have three issues in their first volume series), you must do so! It is full of great pet articles and helpful information on dogs, cats, horses, fishes, ferrets, and more! Now, I'm not singing this publication's accolades because I am a contributing writer and photographer, I'm saying it because it really is super magazine jam-packed with info and articles in each issue. Publisher Suzin Karp, along with her four-legged staff of GypsyPrince, MissKitty, and PeanutButter, have brought pet owners a valuable resource delivered in between the virtual pages