Monday, September 3, 2012

Harley: A Magazine Cover Girl!

Current magazine cover girl, our Harley!
We are so thrilled that our alpha queen Harley was selected as the cover girl for the current issue (Volume 1; Issue 3) of  American Pet Magazine! Woooo! Of course, your Royal Highness, the Queen, is enjoying every moment of her fame! We are having a copy framed, just in her honor!

If you haven't checked out this fairly new online magazine (they debuted last summer and currently have three issues in their first volume series), you must do so! It is full of great pet articles and helpful information on dogs, cats, horses, fishes, ferrets, and more! Now, I'm not singing this publication's accolades because I am a contributing writer and photographer, I'm saying it because it really is super magazine jam-packed with info and articles in each issue. Publisher Suzin Karp, along with her four-legged staff of GypsyPrince, MissKitty, and PeanutButter, have brought pet owners a valuable resource delivered in between the virtual pages of this magazine. Ad space is also available, and Karp says in her debut issue, "American Pet Magazine is a new resource to help you and your pet live safely and confidently. I encourage you to support the advertisers and pass along this complimentary copy. A percentage from every paid advertiser will be donated to no-kill shelters, rescues and events. Together, we’ll help save lives, One pet at a time. One day at a time. One life at a time!! Join our cause for pets!" 

Yes! That is our girl Bandit with Mr. Pumpkin!

And while flipping through the pages of the current issue, please be sure to read my article on page 16 "Pet Safety: Keeping the Scream out of Halloween" for some great tips on keeping your pet safe during the upcoming trick-or-treating season. And...a special "treat" includes a section on our Blogger furpals, the Cybersibes annual "Show Us Your Treat Jar" event to help homeless animals that many of us have participated in during previous Halloween seasons. Read all about it straight from Jack, Moo, and Pat - and be sure to pencil in this year's event date - Saturday, October 27 - on your calendars!  A big thanks to the Cybersibes for "chatting" with me about this great event for inclusion in my American Pet Magazine article!

Until next time...kick back and catch up on reading all three issues of the new American Pet Magazine and if you know someone who would like to advertise in it, remind them that according to the publisher, "A percentage from every paid advertiser will be donated to no-kill shelters, rescues and events."  
Have a wonderful, safe, happy, healthy, and restful Labor Day!


  1. We see you!! And the article!! Nice!

  2. Yay Harley! You look beautiful! I always knew you had cover-girl looks! Congratulations on the gorgeous cover. Furry impressive! Just don't break too many Alpha Male hearts!

    The magazine sounds great and I will definitely be reading it. And I really like that a percentage of ad costs will be donated to help the animals. What a great idea and I do hope it helps to bring in many new advertisers.

    Great article, and much needed important tips. Bandit, pawsome photo with the pumpkin! :->

    K and Suka

  3. Oh how exciting! Congratulations Harley! I now know a real celebrity!

    Happy Labor Day!

  4. Fabulous cover girl photo! Congrats! Woo pupsters & your mama are involed in so many Siberific cool projects! BIG THANKS fur mentioning Show Us Your Treat Jar - we're furry excited abou tour 3rd annual coming up next month!

    Jack & Moo

  5. Harley looks good in Red, White and Blue, Congrats!

    Wyatt and Stanzie