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Egg-stra Easter Fun on #FlashbackFriday!

Flashback: Easter 2015 "How do we want our eggs?  Why, in a cake, of course! BOL!"   ~FiveSibes Oh, our silly Sibes! Always the jokesters! For today's FiveSibes #FlashbackFriday, Wolf and Bandit waited so patiently to "hop" into the personalized FivSibes egg cake (by Sassy's Goodies, who also makes "GibNibs! ) What you can't see or hear, is dear Chloe wooing and barking in eager anticipation (did I mention eating is her favorite past time?) Let's Eat Cake! 2015: Nom-nom! All FiveSibes enjoying their Easter treat!   Come hop along with us! Link is open all week  for your convenience!  Join us next Friday for a special Easter Spring Flashback Friday! Let's "spring back" to  yesteryear together! Hope to see you and your pets'  hoppin' with us at our Easter/Spring  Flashback Friday Blog Hop!  Back to our FiveSibes Blog Home Page Visit FiveSibes Website & #LiveGibStr