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FiveSibes National Pet Fire Safety Day Tips & Advice: Have a Plan in Place

#FiveSibes Flashback #1 ~ Harely ~ 2010 Today is Pet Fire Safety Day and also our #FlashbackFriday blog hop, where you will see our beautiful alpha queen "Harley" above promoting Pet Fire Safety, and below, the special, heart-wrenching, and inspirational story about a family's home that caught on fire with their Siberian Husky "Nanuk" trapped inside. I talked with the family and the heroic neighbor about the disaster, the brave firefighters who helped to save Nanuk, tips on pet fire safety, and about the community that all came forward to help a Husky and family in need.    What is Pet Fire Safety Day? The American Kennel Club (AKC) and ADT Security Services joined together in 2007 when the first Pet Fire Safety Day debuted. This is the 15th Anniversary of this very important awareness day to remind us all about having a plan in place for for our pets' safety should a fire ever occur. Our good friend Mickey Padesky's beautiful Therapy Dog, &quo