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Blog the Change: Pet First Aid Awareness

Harley with my First Aid book from class. Do you know how to help your pet in case of an emergency? Are you certified in First Aid...for your pet? Do you have a First Aid Kit all stocked and ready? April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month , and today for Blog the Change for Animals ,  (which is part of Be the Changes for Animals, or BtheC4Animals , where bloggers share their "cause" quarterly to help benefit the welfare of animals worldwide), we here at the FiveSibes homestead are talking about Pet First Aid Awareness. To kick it all off, we are starting with a brief pop quiz to test your knowledge on recognizing and responding to a pet emergency. Now come back one likes quizzes, but this one could save your pet's life... Ready? Here we go... 1. Your dog has a seizure, what do you do? 2. How do you know if your pet ingested/inhaled, or absorbed a poison? 3. Do you know the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke? 4. What to