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Meet Daisy, An Epi All Star, A Former Stray Who Needs Some Support ~and~ Our #LiveGibStrong Epi-Tip of the Day

Meet beautiful Daisy. Missy Erickson and Andy Lakatosh are hu-parents to a Siberian Husky, Eva, they adopted from Alley’s Rescued Siberian Angel s in California. Eva had had a broken front leg, and when she first came to live in her new forever home, her cast had just come off and she had little stitches in her leg. It only took a few months before she started walking on it, and now she is doing just great! Recently, Eva’s hu-dad, Andy, was leaving work when he saw a dirty, lonely Siberian Husky roaming around the town of Carson in California. The Husky reeked of urine and trash, but Andy’s heart could not leave the stray. So he brought her home , and even being so smelly and dirty, Daisy shown so much love and given hugs by this wonderful couple.  Daisy with her new dad. Andy and Missy gave her a bath, food and water, shelter, and love. For two weeks they searched for her family. Daisy is microchipped, but the contact phone number has been disconnected.